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"Had we implemented the tools that Amanda gave us into our first location, we would have 3x the membership base we do right now! We know for sure our next two locations will open profitably! "

Johnny & Laura Harper
OsteoStrong Regional Developer

In a conversation with a client last week they shared how hard it was opening their first location. They did not invest in PreSale and it took them nearly 3 years to FINALLY reach a place where their business was profitable. Not only did it take time, they also spent upwards of an additional $250,000 just keeping the business running! 

There were moments where they were on the verge of throwing in the towel. 

Within our one hour call, we built out their PreSale business model and revenue strategy. The have committed to the PreSales process this time around and they are on track to be profitable by the end of their first month! 


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